Reaper - Love, Bullets and Blacktop

 Season 1, Episode 7

 US sitcom features a storyline around Radar Love and a old
 8-track tape. You can hear Radar Love six times during this
 episode. The actors sing Radar Love a-capella

 [Thankz Aart!]
Country: US
Air Date: November 6, 2007
TV: the CW


de Garage - Episode 6

Episode 6

Dutch carshow presented by Eric Corton and Nathalie. This epidose the band The Seatsniffers play Radar Love as the
outro of the show

[Thankz Sander!]
Country: Netherlands
Air Date: June 25, 2007


Drive - Partners

Episode 102, title: Partners

Radar Love by Nine Pound Hammer used. The premis is an
illegal cross-country road race

[Thankz Nicole and Aart]
Country: US
Air Date: April 15, 2007


Koefnoen - KomTom

Radar Love is used as background music in the populair satire/comedy show Koefnoen during a bedroom scene.
Parody on the TomTom navigation systems 'KomTom'

[Thankz Casper, Edwin and Aart]
Country: Netherlands
Air Date: September 30, 2006


De Afdeling - #2

Radar Love is played in this first season episode two

[Thankz Arend!]
Country: Netherlands
Air Date: September 15, 2006


My name is Earl - Dad's Car

Episode 18

It's Mother's Day again when Earl remembers that he has never given his mother a Mother's Day gift. Golden Earring's Radar Love
is played in this episode [Klasse Aart!]
Country: US
Air Date: March 16, 2006


Tatort "Blutdiamanten"

Episode #620: Blutdiamanten

During this epidose of the legendary German Krimi Tatort Radar Love was played. [Danke Thomas!]

Country: Germany
Air Date: January 15, 2006


Medium - Method to his Madness

Episode 27, Season 2

Show starring Patricia Arquette working as an assistant to the Attorneys office as a psychic helping to solve crimes. Produced
by CBS Paramount and aired by NBC in the US. The episode 'Method to his' features Radar Love
[Thankz Steve Dunbar!]
Country: US
Air Date: January 2, 2006


Top Gear - Greatest Driving Song of all Time

Top Gear is launching its most important campaign yet - to find the Greatest Driving Song of all Time. In the episode of June 12 they called on the Nation to vote on their website. July 2005
Top Gear published a Top-5: Radar Love Born to be Wild, Dont Stop me now, Highway Star, Bat out of Hell. On August 7 they announced the winner...
Radar Love finished second behind Dont Stop me now
Country: UK
Air Date: June 12, 2005
Air Date: August 7, 2005


Harald Schmidt Talkshow

Show #30

After the commercial break the ARD-Showband plays Radar
to commemorate that it is 18 years ago that Mathias Rust lands his small airplane on the Red Square in Moscou
Country: Germany
Air Date: May 28, 2005


Harald Schmidt Talkshow

(In German:)
Und so wie die arme Bach ausgerechnet mit dieser Orgel-Toccata popular wurde, so die niederlandische Rockband "Golden Earring" mit ihrem einzigen Mega-Hit "Radar Love". Dabei sind viele ihre anderen Stucke besser ("Future", "Everyday's Torture"). Schmidt weis feinsinnig auf die Ahnlichkeit zwischen Barock-und Rock-Knaller hin [Thankz Aart!]
Country: Germany
Air Date: February 23, 2005


Stapel in the States

Radiopromo for the TV-Serie Stapel in the States

Dutch actor Huub Stapel & friends travel the States on Harley-Davidson bikes. The promo (background tunes Radar Love) was aired on various Dutch radiostations to promote the TV-Series

thankz: Kees Baars (Pilarczyk Mediagroep) and Pat's Studio's
Country: the Netherlands
Air Date: Week 4, 2005


Jeremy Clarkson meets the Neighbours

Episode: Belgium/the Netherlands
A Pan-European road trip with Jeremy Clarkson. Belgium: Jeremy observes a pipe-smoking competition, meanwhile over the border
in Holland, a secret club wages war on speed cameras, and the Dutch reveal their passion for caravans. About Dutch music;
they gave use Radar Love: 'half past four and I'm shifting gear', what a rediculous lyric!
Country: UK/the Netherlands
Air Date: 2002
Air Date: November 19, 2004
TV: Veronica


Jamie Salé and David Pelletier

Canadians Jamie Salé and David Pelletier are the 2002 Olympic
Gold medalists ice-dancing. During various TV shows they
perform to the music of Golden Earring's Radar Love. Kurt's
Gotta Skate IV (SRC), World Team Challenge (TSN), Brassler
& Eisler Farewell Show (CBC)

info: [check: video gallery]
Country: Canada
Year: 2004-2006
TV: SRC (October 16, 2004)
TV: TSN (December 10, 2004)
TV: CBC (May 16, 2006)
DVD: Nur Original Productions


Six Feet Under

Season 3, episode 39 of this populair HBO series, with the title: 'I'm Sorry, I'm Lost'. During this episode Radar Love was used in the background

Country: US
Air Date: June 3, 2003


Third Watch "10-13"

Title: 10-13
Season 4, part 15; Sitting in his favourite bar John 'Sully' Sullivan is singing along with Radar Love while the song is played in the background

[thankz Sander and Jan!]
Countries: US, the Netherlands
Air Date: February 24, 2003
Air Date: February 16, 2006



During this episode of a populair Dutch youth series, samples
of the Radar Love bass intro were used

[thankz to Arend]
Country: the Netherlands
Air Date: February 24, 2003

The Simpsons  "Papa's got a brand new Badge"

Title: Poppa's got a brand new Badge

Script: ...Homer plays and sings Radar Love along to distract himself. Directed by Swinton O. Scott (Part: DABF17)

info:  [thankz to Martijn]
Country: US
Air Date: May 22, 2002
TV: 20th Century Fox


Dark Angel

Title: Radar Love
Season 2, part 204; Max and Logan uncover a genocidal
agenda when they look into a series of ununsual deaths
linked to transgenic escapees

Country: US
Air Date: November 2, 2001


Third Watch "Just another Night at the Opera"

Title: Just another Night at the Opera
Season 1, part 21; A car chase ends in a fiery crash; Bosco attends the Opera with his girlfriend. The epidose ended with a scene in a bar featuring Radar Love playing in the background

[thankz to: Casper/Yvonne]
Countries: US, the Netherlands
Air Date: May 15, 2000
Air Date: January 30, 2001
TV: Veronica
Air Date: December 12, 2003
TV: Yorin


Space Night

Title: Space Cowboys/Apollo 13

During this populair German TV-serie about the Apollo missions,
the music of Radar Love was used several times

[thankz to Dresden]
Country: Germany
Air Date: 2000
TV: Bayerischer Rundfunk


Big Brother

During this very popular Dutch TV-Show, two residents
(Georgie and Hieke) of the Big Brother House sing a Karaoke
style version of Radar Love

[thankz to: Harry 'Oblivion' L.]
Country: the Netherlands
Air Date: December 21, 2000
TV: Veronica


Strangers with Candy

Title: Hit and Run
Season 2, episode 5: Someone hits Mr. Jellineck with their car,
and the whole school is turned upside-down trying to find the culprot. When Jerri hits Jellineck, she's listening to Golden
Earring's Radar Love

info: [thankz Jeff! and Ed]
Country: US
Airdate: February 28, 2000
TV: Comedy Central
DVD: Paramount Home Video UPC824363002293 (2003)


That '70s Show

Set in the era of Led Zeppelin 8-tracks, Tab cola's, and Farrah Fawcett posters, That '70s Show is a nostalgic and funny flashback to the 'Me' decade from celebrated producers Marcy Carsey, Tom Werner and Caryn Mandabach. This very populair sitcom featured Radar Love in a 1999 episode, the song is also
on the shows soundtrack That '70s Rockin'Album
Country: USA
Air Date: 1999
Soundtrack CD: Volcano Records


The X-Files "Ascension"

Title: Ascension

In this season 2 episode 6, parts of the lyrics of Radar Love are mentioned

Country: Worldwide
Air Date: 1999
TV: FOX-TV [2X06]


The X-Files "Gender Bender"

Title: Gender Bender
In this season 1 episode 13, Mulder references the song, Radar Love, Scully: The chemicals animals secrete- you mean, sexual attractants Mulder: Ra-dar Love-only about a hundred times stronger than found anywhere in nature...

Country: Worldwide
Air Date: November 15, 1998
TV: FOX-TV [1X13]



This populair Dutch consumers program starts- and ends with Radar Love
Country: the Netherlands
Year: 1997-2007


Tatort "Mord hinterm Deich"

Episode #363: Mord hinterm Deich

During this epidose of the legendary German Krimi Tatort Radar Love was played. [Dank je Aart!]

Country: Germany
Air Date: December 25, 1996

The Simpsons  "Bart on the Road"

Title: Bart on the Road

Script: ...Bart and his friends listen to Radar Love on 94.5 FM... Writen by Richard Appel, this Simpsons cartoon shows use Bart secretly drivin' a car. The music from the radio is Radar Love. Directed by Swinton O. Scott (Part: 3F17)
Country: US
Air Date: March 31, 1996
TV: 20th Century Fox



Title: The Responsibility
Season 2, part 3; The arson squad approaches an indictment of Repo. Delores cooks up a special meal for Spit and Detective Lucas, who's at the station to investigation against Repo.

During a drivin' scene two fireman sing lines of Radar Love
[Big thanx to Ruud Boomgaard]
Countries: Australia, the Netherlands
Air Date: 1996
TV: the Seven Network


Auf Achse

TV-Serie created in Germany, telling the story of two truckers
on the road. Radar Love by Golden Earring was used in one of
the episodes and on the series CD-Soundtrack 'Die Songs aus
der ARD-Serie'
Country: Germany
Air Date: 1996
CD-Soundtrack: No Bull Records/Koch 341 36-2
MC-Soundtrack: No Bull Records/Koch 341 36-4

Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden

Background music in this Dutch soap episode (season 4), aired
August 31 - 1994 is Radar Love by girlsband Centerfold
Country: the Netherlands
Air Date: August 31, 1994


Smashie and Nicey (BBC)

Going Dutch
BBC TV-comedy from the 90's featuring Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse

The CD features the part 'Going Dutch' in wich they talk about Radar Love. The album also has a recording of Radar Love
Country: UK
Air Date: 1992
Soundtrack CD: MCPS/EMI CDEMTV67

Beverly Hills 90210

Title: Radar Love
Season 4, part 12; Steve thwarts Sears' libidinous plans at a Thanksgiving charity event, Brandon's wanderlust becomes his quest to find an old friend. Brandon drives a white '67 Mustang over the Golden Gate Brigde at the tunes of Radar Love

  • Press this link for the original Script of this episode

  • Countries: US, the Netherlands
    Air Date: November 24, 1993
    TV: FOX-TV
    Air Date: July 6, 1994
    TV: RTL-4
    DVD: FOX


    Late Show (David Letterman)

      During a David Letterman Late Show, the Paul Shaffer CBS
      Orchestra played a part of Radar Love

      [thankz to: John Scarpelli/Heather]
      WANTED: Air Date 1986!
    Country: US
    Air Date: 1986
    Air Date: November 14, 2002 (Show #1905)
    TV: CBS