The Best of the Best

The 1988 US Olympic karate team fights for the gold and amoung their teammates

Movie and soundtrack featuring Radar Love and The Devil made
me do It by Golden Earring. Starring Eric Roberts, Sally Kirkland
and James Earl Jones, directed by Robert Radler
Country: Worldwide
Year: 1989
Movie: Columbia
Video: Tri-Star Home Video
DVD: Tri-Star
MC Soundtrack: Relativity Records 88561-1034-4
CD Soundtrack: FM Music XD144 (Europe)
CD Soundtrack: Cube Records CUBE-C-33012 (US)
CD Soundtrack: Reality/AAO Music CD40471 (2004 re-issue)

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Demons 6 De Profundis

A horror movie director and his wife begin work on a new project based on the legend of a evil witch. Unfortunately for all involved, it turns out to be more than just a simple legend...

This movie features various White Lion songs, also their cover version of Radar Love
Country: Italy, US
Year: 1990
Movie: World Picture S.R.L.
DVD: Digital Conquest

Manta, der Film

Two friends win a German built car, a 'Manta'. Family and friends are very happy, but the two friends realise that this is not a very popular car with the girls. They prefer a VW Golf GTI and try to sell their Manta

German comedy starring Sebastian Rudolph, Nadja Brennicke
and Jophi Rief. Directed by Peter Timm.
Country: Germany
Year: 1991
Movie: Royal Film Produktion/Senator Film
Video: UFA-Video 3951
2-LP Soundtrack: Sony Music 469 177-1
2-CD Soundtrack: Sony Music 469 177-2
2-MC Soundtrack: Sony Music 469 177-4


Wayne's World 2

Part two of a very succesfull million seller Wayne's World,
starring Dana Carvey, Mike Myers and Tia Carrere

Wayne and Garth return, receiving a cosmic message from a
dead rockstar to hold a massive rock concert in their home
town. Garth and Wayne play Radar Love in their car at the
local Mc.Donalds
Country: US, Worldwide
Year: 1993
Movie: Paramount Pictures
Video: Paramount Home Video
CD-i: Philips
Laserdisc: Pioneer/Paramount LD
DVD: Paramount
CD/MC Soundtrack: Reprise 45485-2(Canada CRIA Gold 50.000+ copies)
CD/MC The Basement Tapes: Attic Records Ltd ACD1377 (Canada CRIA Gold award)


Baseball (the Film)

US TV-Film production about the history of Baseball, produced
for TV in cooperation with the National Baseball Hall of Fame.
The film was aired in 9 episodes. Episode 9 features Radar Love. The script was written and produced by Ken Burns

Country: US
Year: 1994
Movie: Florentine Films/WETA-TV Washington


Radio Inside

After witnessing the accidental drowning of his father, a young Floridian 'turns out' and the world makes little sense to him until his older brother's girlfriend awakens his sense of reality. This romantic triangle is both moving and confusing

Starring: William McNamara, Elisabeth Shue and Dylan Walsh. Directed by: Jeffrey Bell
Country: US
Year: 1994
Movie: MGM Cinema
Video: MGM Home Entertainment
DVD: A Film/Capitol Films 8716777 052327


Car Trouble, Darlin'

US short film that scares you like Hitchcock would want you scared. A hair-raising tale about a boy and girl when their car breaks down in the middle of a dark night and on lonesome road

Starring Jennifer Campbell and Jason Rainwater. Directer Bruce Wayne Gillies
Country: US
Year: 1995
Movie: Apocryphal Pictures


Al Limite

In the city of Madrid women get killed in a mysterious way. The killers calls in at a local radiostation to share the last seconds
of his action with the listeners. Director: Eduardo Campoy,
actors: Bud Spencer, Lydia Bosch, Manuel Gil, Juanjo Puigcorbe

English title: To the Limit
[Thankz to Juri]
Country: Spain, UK
Year: 1997
Movie: Columbia (Dec. 19, 1997)



Thriller featuring Mario van Peebles, Kevin Dillon and Andrew McCarthy; A bachelor party ends in a nightmare. Radar Love
plays in the opening car scene.

[Big thankz to Ruud Boomgaard!]
Country: US
Year: 1997
Movie: Cinepix Film Inc.
Video: Dutch Film Works PAV94567


I Went Down

Soundtrack featuring Radar Love by Golden Earring; I Went Down is a Irishmade comedey thriller starring Kevin MacDonald, Brendon Geeson and Tony Doyle. Directed by Paddy Breathnach

Country: Ireland
Year: 1998
Movie: Treasure Films
Video: Treasure Video


Formula Won

Short-film (16 minutes) about how Mika Hakinnen and team
West McLaren Mercedes won the F1 world championship 1999.
An official West McLaren Mercedes film in English, published by DaimlerChrysler, specifically for the team, partners and
Country: Germany
Year: 1999
Video: DaimlerChrysler Aktiengesellschaft


Detroit Rock City

Comedy about the music scene in 70's Detroit featuring the members of Kiss and cool music from the mid 70's.
Directed by Adam Rifkin, produced by Gene Simmons, this movie features a 60 seconds cut in wich we see two cars chase each other on the tunes of Radar Love by Golden Earring

Info: [Thankz Aart!]
Country: US
Year: 1999
Movie: New Line Cinema
Video: New Line Home Video 4899
DVD: New Line Platinum Series


Pushing Tin

A Comedy about life, love, airplanes and other bumpy rides.
Two cocky air traffic controllers (John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton) quarrel over proving who's more of a men. One of
the main characters sits in a car and listens to Radar Love

German title: Turbulenzen und andere Katastrophen
[Thankz to Joep Gerrits]
Country: US
Year: 1999
Movie: 20th Century Fox
DVD: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment 4112306 (2002)


Oesters Van Nam Kee

Dutch movie about a eighteen year old student who falls in love with a much older nightclub dancer. The movie was filmed in Amsterdam. Starring: Katja Schuurman and Egbert-Jan Weeber Radar Love plays during the movie

Info:   [Thankz Edwin Knip]
Country: the Netherlands
Year: 2002
Movie: UIP Nederland
DVD: Paramount


Ash Wednesday

'Ash Wednesday', 1980. Hell's Kitchen, New York. Exactly
three years ago, while tending bar Sean Sullivan (Elijah Wood)
overhears some mobsters who speak of a plan to murder his
older brother Francis (Edward Burns). Sean pulls a gun and
shot at them...
Country: US
Year: 2002
Movie: Lions Gate (2002)
DVD: Lions Gate Home Entertaiment (2003)
CD Soundtrack: Koch Records KOC-CD-8361



Dutch/South-African co-production (producer Roel Reiné)
featuring Georgina Verbaan and Daniel Louis Rivas.

Freya (Georgina) suddenly disapears, the Police thinks Jason (Daniel) know the true story behind it
Country: the Netherlands/South-Africa
Year: 2003
Movie: Rebel


Agnes und seine Brüder

German movie featuring Moritz Bleibtrue und Katja Riemann.
Story about a woman who travels with her brothers from
Germany to the South of Europe. Radar Love is used as background music in a car scene.

[Danke Ulf Jensen!]
Country: Germany
Year: 2004
Movie: X Filme Creative Pool GmbH
DVD: X Filme/Verleih AG



US wakeboard movie. Welcome creates a nice smooth, soulful
vibe that shows you why you love to spend long days out on
the water. 45 minutes, 16 mm film featuring Parks, Ruck, Grubb Byerly, JD an Murray showing breathtaking wakebording. Music: Radar Love, Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Black Eyes Peas, ao...
[Aart again!]
Country: US
Year: 2004
DVD: Sidewayz


The Break-Up

US Comedy about two people (played by Jennifer Ansiton
and Vince Vaughn) keep living together in one house after
they break up their relationship

trivia: Radar Love was requested by the movie producers and cleared by SONY/ATV for use. However the European cut of
this movie does not feature the Golden Earring song
Country: Worldwide
Year: 2006 (release: June 15)
Movie: Universal Pictures/Wild West Picture Show Production


The Darwin Awards

US Featuring Winona Ryder, David Arquette and Joseph Fiennes;
A forensic detective and an insurance claims investor trek to investigate a potential Darwin Award winner

[Thankz Petri]
Country: Worldwide
Year: 2006
Movie: 3 Ring Circus Films
DVD: Nordisk Film DKK179 (Denmark 2007)
DVD: DVD-6107 (Czechy 2007)