Written by George Kooymans and Barry Hay, first released by Golden Earring on
the 1973 Moontan album, Radar Love is the highlight in Dutch 70's rock history.
Thirty years later the song is the ultimate road trip radio classic. This website
is dedicated to Golden Earring and their 5 minutes of fame in world history.

[With consent of George Kooymans & Barry Hay ©1973 Snamyook/Buma-Stemra]

On this site you find information concerning 500+ Radar Love cover versions by
U2, Blue Man Group, R.E.M., Bryan Adams, Carlos Santana, Def Leppard, Ministry,
Crowded House, the Alarm, James Last Orchestra, Thunder, White Lion, and many,
less famous, others who recorded this classic or played it live in concert. Further
the site shows all kinds of other ways this song has been used and abused.

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information concerning Radar Love and Golden Earring.

Patrick OrriŽns: Born in 1968 I visited my first Golden Earring concert during the 1983 'Twilight Zone' Tour.
More than two hundred shows and many years later there hasn't been one day in my life that I don't eat,
speak, or think this band's words and music; it guides me through life. Thanks Guys!

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