Golden Earring '40 Years' recording artist 2005

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  Golden Earring founded 1961, recorded their first single
  Please Go (Polydor) in 1965, still plays 100+ shows a year
  in Europe, selling out almost every concert! Golden Earring
  released five new albums in the nineties, four reached gold,   platinum or multi-platinum status  


NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis 2007

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The crew of NASA Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-117) on June 15, 2007 got a wake up call by request of astronaut Steve Swanson's wife to the tunes of Golden Earring's Radar Love
  • Press this link for a Telegraaf newspaper clip


    NASA Mars Pathfinder 1997

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    The NASA Mars Pathfinder, after battery problems, awakened on July 28, 1997 to the tune of Radar Love

  • Press this link for the original NASA Press statement


    No.1 Driving Song in Canada 2006

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    In March 2006 the readers of the Canadian BBC website, Top
    Gear section, picked Radar Love their favourite Driving Song from
    a selection of 20 songs, followed by Keep their headz Ringin' (Dr. Dre), Where the Streets have no Name (U2), Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf), Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen).


    No.1 Driving Song in Australia 2005

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    In November 2005 the readers of Australian Musician Magazine choose Radar Love by Golden Earring the Best Driving Song beating AC/DC (at #2 Long way to the Top, and #3 Highway to Hell) on their home turf!


    No.1 Travel Song in the US 2005

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    In August 2005 the readers of the internet Travel section of USA Today choose Radar Love the Best Travelers Song, followed by Where the Streets have no Name (U2), Freeway of Love (Aretha Franklin and Come Fly with me (Frank Sinatra).


    No.2 Greatest Driving Song of All Time (UK) 2005

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    In July 2005 the viewers of BBC's Top Gear voted Radar Love
    at number 2 in the poll for Greatest Driving Song of All Time.
    Radar Love finished second behind Queen with the tune Don't
    Stop me Now.


    No.1 Radio Song (US) 2001

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    In October 2001 the readers of the newspaper Washington Post choose Radar Love by Golden Earring as thé Radio Song ever!
    Boys of Summer (Don Henley), American Pie (Don McLean) and Satisfaction (Rolling Stones) made number 2, 3 and 4.


    Bono and U2

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      Bono's favorite song is Radar Love. In 1997 U2 played RL
      on the Popmart Tour (check: Cover Versions). In 2005 Bono
      sang the song at Anton Corbijn birthday, and again he sang
      RL on the Vertigo Tour airplane while entering Dutch airspace,
      live on Yorin-FM radio, requesting RL as his favorite song


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    On August 7, 2001 this website received national airplay in the Netherlands on AVRO Radio-2. DJ Hans Schiffers ( interviewed your webmaster about his collection of (then) 135+ Radar Love cover versions. [Thanz to Hans & Etienne]


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      On December 6, 2003 this website received national TV
      attention in the Netherlands on VARA TV-3 'Kopspijkers'.
      After Golden Earring's performance of their 30 years old
      classic Radar Love, Jack told the TV audience of 3.5 million
      about this website. [Thankz Jack and Barry!]



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    Kiss was opening act for Golden Earring during the 1974 US 'Moontan-Tour'!

    [Thankz Jan!]


    Bad English

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    Bad English song Rockin' Horse tells the story of John Waite drivin' his car to the tunes of Radar Love   (1989 Epic 463.447-2)

    "Got the top down, underneath the Spanish moon, Golden Earring on the radio, Radar Love is coming through..."


    Iron Maiden

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    Steve Harris, Iron Maiden's bass-player, is a big Golden Earring fan Maiden recorded a cover version of the Golden Earring classic 'Kill Me (Ce Soir)' for the maxi-single release 'Holy Smoke' (EMI 1990) Also you can find a 'thanks to Golden Earring' on the sleeve of the Maiden album 7th Son of a 7th Son (EMI 1988)


    Sammy Hagar

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    Sammy Hagar's song 'Privacy' on the album 'I never Said Goodbye' is based on the music of Radar Love. Sammy in a interview: "...All songs on the album are based on songs that I like, and I love this song's drum-beat, I also used it in an older song 'Red'. Golden Earring are good friends, we did tours together in the States..."
    Info: 1987 Geffen Records 24144   [Thanks to Bas A.]



    Did you know that...

    This US band featuring Steve Albini recorded a song called
    'Radar Love Lizard'. The booklet says 'Radar Love Lizard is a
    tribute to Golden Earring'.

    Info: Released 1988 on Touch & Go (T&GLP#36)


    Kerry Wood

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    This famous baseball player's nick-name is Radar Love, Kerry
    Wood is a star-pitcher with the Chicago Cubs



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    The title of this book is Radar Love. Sub-title: On the trail for Golden Arms with baseball's most devout junkies, The Scouts.
    The book was writen by David W. Martin



    Did you know that...

    This pretty yellow 'clematis' is called Radar Love, the vines are covered with 2", amber-yellow flowers facing downwards, Radar Love likes to climb from shade into the sun


    Art 1

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    This piece (marker and pen on drawing paper) by Dan Knoblock (2002), with the title 'Original Robot Art', was inspired by the Golden Earring song

    [thankz to Dan for permission to use!]


    Art 2

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    This piece, created by Jim Lambie (2000) and on display at the Modern Institute (Glasgow), is called Radar Love. Attached to a corner of the booth were two black rubber bicycle handles with multi-colored streamers dangling extra-long down to the floor



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    This horse, home at the Spring Farm in Stockton NJ, Canadian Reserve National Champion Country English Pleasure Jr. horse (1999) name is 'EA Radar Love'



    Did you know that...

    This goat buck name is 'L-225 Radar Love'. Home with Kallie Jo Kohls (York) this buck is part New Zealand and part African. He had a lot of muscle laid over a powerful skeleton




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    Gerry Sportwear produces a R.L. bomberjacket, brochure says:
    "Customers may want to 'spin into a new sunrise' wearing the
    new Radar Love jacket", ... "No truth that a 'golden earring' will
    be included with purchase". Info: