Chevrolet New Year 2006 Spot

  During the commercial a bunch of different Chevy trucks
  handoff a briefcase like they're making a drug deal but it
  turns out its just a light bulb for the New Years ball. The
  music is a remix of Radar Love by JSM Music.
  TV-commercial only aired on all networks airing New Years
  eve celebration from Times Square, January 1
Country: US
Year: 2006 (aired only January 1, 2006)
TV Commercial
Agency: Campbell-Ewald
Music Production: JSM Music Inc. New York
Company: GM
Brand: Chevrolet


Subaru Impreza WRX

  Subaru presents the new 2002 World Rally Car, the Impreza
  WRX, using the music of Radar Love. TV-commercial aired in
  the US and Canada  

  [Big thanks to my friend Larry, thé Impreza specialist!]
Country: US/Canada
Year: 2002
TV Commercial
Agency: Temerlin-McClain
Company: Fuji Heavy Industries
Brand: Subaru of America


Ford Escort RS2000

Ford presents the new Escort RS2000. This commercial, aired
on TV and used in Ford dealers showrooms, shows a fast
driving car on the tunes of Radar Love

[Thankz to Ford Netherlands for the Video]
Country: the Netherlands
Year: 1992
Company: Ford Motors Netherlands
Brand: Ford Escort RS2000
Video: JVR 9112/2071

Infinity "Monsoon" Car-Stereo

Infinity Monsoon car-stereo commercial; The commercial shows
a drivin'car on the tune of Radar Love

Info: Press the "Audio" button and listen to this commercial!!
Country: US
Year: 1997



Great beer commercial showing a truck drivin' through the
dessert and a lizard at a bar, the music in this commercial
is Radar Love

Info: Press the "Audio" button and listen to this commercial!!
Country: US
Year: 1997


Pro Laser Speed Guns

Advertisement by Pro Laser, promoting their new Laser Speed
Guns in the Playboy Forum, under the header 'Radar Love'
Country: US
Year: 2003
Print: Playboy Magazine


Arrow Rock Radio

Advertisement by Arrow 'Classic' Rock Radio, promoting their
FM frequencies through-out the Netherlands, using the slogan 'Arrow Rock Radio Radar Love...'

[Thankz to Arend!]
Country: the Netherlands
Year: 1999
Print: Trucks Magazine


Royal Dutch Navy

Advertisement by the Royal Dutch Navy recruting new personel,
by using the slogan 'Radar Love sailor operational services'.

[Thankz to Arend!]
Country: the Netherlands
Year: 1997
Print: Veronica Magazine


White Lion UK Tour

Advertisement by US hair-rock-band White Lion for their 1990
UK tour supporting Mötley Crew and Skid Row
Country: UK
Year: 1990
Print: Q Magazine