Alfred H. Katz - Prevention and Health

Page 39:
... The popular culture has also enshrined the automobile ...
... in television, in films and songs (Little GTO, Drive my
Car, Radar Love, Lord wont you buy me a Mercedes-Benz) ...

Edition: Directions for Policy and Practice
Country: US
Year: 1987
Genre: Medical
Book: Haworth Press ISBN: 0-8665-6668-6


Glen Matlock - I was a teenage Sex Pistol

Chapter 13, page 165:
... We actually played four shows in Holland ... one TV show ... Golden Earring were also on the TV show. I met the bass
player and told him I really liked his playing. He said, great, any
particulair song? I said 'Radar Love', their only big British hit. And he just walked away and wouldn't talk to me again. I must have been the nineteenhundreth person to have said that to him ...
Country: UK
Year: 1990
Genre: Biography
Book: Omnibus Press ISBN: 0-7119-1817-1


John Sandford - Eyes of Prey

Chapter 21, page 243:
... He was leaning back in his chair, his feet on a desk drawer. A boom box on the floor was playing "Radar Love" ...

First edition handcover, also released as Audio Book
[Thankz to Ruud Boomgaard]
Country: US
Year: 1991
Genre: Fiction
Book: Putman Books ISBN: 0-399-13629-0
Audio-Book: 2-MC Harper Audio ISBN: 0-060-09928-3


John Sandford - De Ooggetuige

(Dutch issue) Chapter 21, page 217:
... onderuitgezakt in zijn stoel, met zijn voeten op de bureaula. Een transistorradio op de grond speelde "Radar Love" ...

This bestseller was published worldwide, various covers at:
Countries: Worldwide
Year: 1991
Genre: Fiction
Book the Netherlands: A.W. Bruna Uitgevers ISBN: 90-229-8035-9 (1991)
Book the Netherlands: Zwarte Beertjes ISBN: 90-461-1007-9 (2003)


Heleen van der Laan - Waar blijft het licht

Page 108:
... En 'Radarlove' van Golden Earring. Radarlove, ja, daar leef ik
hier van. Zeker nu onze zendapparatuur al weken dienst weigert." ...

[Thankz to Riche Martens]
Country: the Netherlands/Germany
Year: 1993
Genre: Adventure/Travel
Book: Uitgeverij Luitingh-Sijthoff ISBN: 90-245-1125-9
Book: Ullstein Verlag ISBN: 3-548-3629-4 (2001)


Haagse Harry - Part 1 Kap Nah!!

... Wie kat a sing dets kolt Reidah Lof ...

Dutch comicbook called 'Haagse Harry' features a drawing
showing Barry Hay singing Radar Love live on stage

[Thanks to Marnix Rueb]
Country: the Netherlands
Year: 1994
Genre: Humor/Cartoon
Book: Kap Nah!! BV ISBN: 90-803877-2x


Stewart O'Nan - The Speed Queen

Precede the story there are two epigraphs:

'I suppose you'll call this a confession when you hear it'
(from Double Indemnity by Raymond Chandler/James M. Cain)

'I been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheel'
(from Radar Love by Golden Earring)
Country: US
Year: 1997
Genre: Fiction
Book: Doubleday ISBN: 0-385-48701-0


Stewart O'Nan - Mi chiamavono Speed Queen

Page 9: precede the story there are two epigraphs:

'I suppose you'll call this a confession when you hear it'
(Double Indemnity by Raymond Chandler/James M. Cain)

'E tutta la notta che guido, le mani umide sul volante'
(Radar Love by Golden Earring)
Country: Italy
Year: 1997/1999
Genre: Fiction
Book: Feltrinelli Editore ISBN: 88-07-70113-8


Joe Queenan - Red Lobster, White Trash and the Blue Lagoon

... the results were terrifying. The first day I worked out in
the gym, I heard Rod Steward's "Reason to Believe", Golden
Earring's "Radar Love", Billy Joel's "The Stranger" and Phil
Collin's "Sussudio". I burned off five hundred calories.
The next day ...
Country: US
Year: 1998
Genre: Humour
Book: Doubleday ISBN: 0-786-8633-2-3


George E. Marcus - Paranoia with Reason

Page 88:
We leave the museum ... The key calls the subcompact Ford Escort into life again, and 'Washington's classic rock' station is now in the middle of decoding Golden Earring's 'Radar Love'
from yeth another laser disc ...

Sub-title: A casebook on conspiracy as explanation
Country: US
Year: 1999
Genre: History
Book: University of Chicago Press ISBN: 0-2265-0458-1


Gabrielle Lord - Feeding the Demons

Chapter 21, page 332 and 333:
... She switched on the radio. Golden Earring were revving up "Radar Love" ... [p.332]
... Gemma felt the adrenalin surge and she accelerated, singing along, her blood up for the chase, "We got a thing, and it's
called Radar Love",
she sang. "We got a vibe in the sky",
following them all the way ... [p.333]
Country: Australia
Year: 1999
Genre: Fiction
Book: Hodder Book ISBN: 0-7336-1240-7


Gabrielle Lord - Bloedspoor

Chapter 21, page 244 and 245:
... Golden Earring was op de radio, met "Radar Love" ... [p.244]
... "We got a thing, and it's called Radar Love", zong ze mee.
"We got a vibe in the sky", ... [p.245]

Dutch issue of Feeding the Demons
[Thankz to Ruud Boomgaard & Berry!]

Country: the Netherlands
Year: 2000
Genre: Fiction
Book: Bruna Uitgevers BV ISBN: 90-229-8472-9


Gordon L. Miller - Nature's Fading Chorus

Chapter: David Scott, page 106:
... Others suspect that the earth's magnetic field provides a cranial roadmap. I don't have a clue how they do. Just call it Radar Love ...

Country: US
Year: 2000
Genre: Nature
Book: Island Press ISBN: 1-559-63793-5 (Hardback)
Book: Island Press ISBN: 1-559-63794-3 (Paperback)


Michael Brown - Qualiens: The Prolusion I

Page 273:
... Then James called the guy to thank him and the guy
offered James a job in Beaufort, SC. Their favorite song
was 'Radar Love', and she still cries when she hears it on
the radio ...

Country: US
Year: 2001
Genre: Fiction
Book: XLibris Corporation ISBN: 0-7388-1979-4


Clinton Walker - Highway to Hell

Page 146:
... About the single High Voltage ... But certainly the single,
with its driving arrangements reminiscent of Golden Earring's
1973 smash "Radar Love", looked set to do business ...

Sub-title: the Life & Times of AC/DC legend Bon Scott

Country: US
Year: 2001
Genre: Biography
Book: Verse Chorus Press ISBN: 1-8912-4113-3


D.B. Martin - South of Cancer, North of Capricorn

Page 23:
... The last song was "Radar Love", an upbeat older song
from the'70's by Golden Earring. She played among the two,
nearly exhausted now ...

Country: US
Year: 2001
Genre: Fiction
Book: Verse Chorus Press ISBN: 0-7388-9987-9


Britt Antea - Aber ich bin nicht vernünftig. Ich Liebe ihn!

Page 230:
... Montag, 2.Februar 1976 ... Er sagte, dass wir seinen Geburtstag ganz toll feieren werden ... Er hat mir eine Schallplatte geschenkt von "Golden Earring" (Radar Love - The Song is Over), die lange Zeit in der "Insel" in der Jukebox war. Ich habe er dort oft gehört und an ihn gedacht ...
Sub-title: Tagebuch 1972-1976. Erinnerungen zwischen Beatles und Blue Jeans

Country: Germany
Year: 2002
Genre: Diary
Book: Books on Demand GmbH ISBN: 3-8311-4326-9


Brian Thacker - Rule No.5, No Sex on the Bus

Page 118:
... The only thing I could think of was that fine Dutch group Golden Earring, with their toe-tapping classic "Radar Love" ...

Country: UK
Year: 2002
Genre: Humor
Book: Allen & Unwin ISBN: 1-865-08553-7


Phineas Mollod/Jason Tesauro - The Modern Gentleman

Chapter: Motoring, page 279:
... Nothing seperates the front and backseats like loud speakers that drown out conversation. Although, road ditties can be
blasted "Radar Love" is more crowd-pleasing than sing-along
Neil Diamond hits ...

Country: UK
Year: 2002
Genre: Reference
Book: Ten Speed Press ISBN: 1-580-08430-3


Rusty van Reeves - Velvet Sky

Page 200:
... He drove out to Pee Wee's on old Highway 80 to play some pinball. His radio blasted 'Radar Love', as he took another toke
off the massive joint he'd just rolled ...

Country: UK
Year: 2002
Genre: Action/Thriller
Book: Trafford Publishing ISBN: 1-5536-9314-0


Hadley Hoover - Storm Path

Page 174:
... As the car rolled slowly past him, the young man heard two voices belt out "we've got a thing called Radar Love". The
parking lot lights picked up the glint of Joy's wedding ring ...

Country: US
Year: 2002
Genre: Fiction
Book: iUniverse ISBN: 0-595-24977-9


Brenda Lee - Little Miss Dynamite (the Life and Times of)

Page 190:
... The song was later quoted in the 1974 hit "Radar Love" by
the Dutch rock band Golden Earring. "Coming on Strong" shared the radio airwaves with a new generation rockers ...

Country: US
Year: 2002
Genre: Biography
Book: Hyperion ISBN: 0-7868-6644-6


Richard A. Bamberg - The Phoenix Egg

Page 87:
... Staggering forward, he found himself humming the lines to "Radar Love". It was one of those old songs that could swin around in his mind for days without relief ...

Country: US
Year: 2003
Genre: Fiction
Book: The Invisible College Press ISBN: 1-931-4681-5X


H. Jay Scheuermann - The Gore Experiment

Page 34:
... By that time, the first song had ended and music began to
have pleasent effect. 'So, did I do okay?' 'Golden Earring. You betcha'. William motioned for another drink ... 'Exactly what is Radar Love?' he asked as he loosened his tie ...

Country: US
Year: 2003
Genre: Fiction
Book: Twenty First Century Publishers ISBN: 1-5044-3305-7


Circe Olson Woessner - Noch Eins! Tales from Terrapin Keller

Chapter: Dorm Life, page 15:
... Actually, it was Mike Sweat that had his stereo cranked up.
If I remember correctly, he was playing "Radar Love" ...

Country: US
Year: 2003
Genre: Fiction
Book: iUniverse ISBN: 0-595-29418-9


Henk de Velde - Een reiziger in tussentijd

Chapter 10, page 105:
... In Oahu (near Hawai) ... Op de radio hoor ik Radar Love
van de Golden Earring! ...

Book by Dutch world-solo-sailor Henk de Velde
[Thankz to Johan Hartevelt]

Country: the Netherlands
Year: 2003
Genre: Adventure/Travel
Book: Uitgeverij Elmar BV ISBN: 90-389-1437-7


Michael J. Vaughn - Painting Tacoma

Page 49:
... He would have to stick with the snare-drum shuffle
("Ballroom Blitz") longer than he wanted ("Radar Love")
because once he came off of it there werent many other directions he could go ...

Country: US
Year: 2003
Genre: Fiction
Book: Dead End Street ISBN: 1-9294-2992-4


Thomas Quatrini - If Yesterday Never Comes

Page 105:
... Golden Earring: "Radar Love" illuminated the stereo screen. Entering into the turn Ron started to pick up speed ...

[Thankz Aart!]

Country: US
Year: 2005
Genre: Fiction
Book: Empty Canoe ISBN: 0-9769-9950-1


Julian Cope - Repossessed

Page 90:
... Un giorno Sag, un motociclista enorme con una bandana in testa, sali sulla Strachan-Henshaw durante Radar Love e si
mise a ballare ...

Sub-title: Depressioni sciaminche a Tamworth e Londra

Country: Italy
Year: 2005
Genre: Fiction
Book: Fazi Editore ISBN: 88-762-5006-9


John Sandford - Moordprofiel (Broken Prey)

Page 243 (in Dutch):
... Ondertussen had hij nog geen enkele song gedownload. 'Wat
mij dwarszit,' zei hij tegen Sloan, 'is dat ik elke keer denk dat ik klaar ben en dan hoor ik er weer een die ik helemaal vergeten
ben, zoals Radar Love. Ik bedoel, die móét op de lijst'.

Broken Prey (English issue) [Thankz to Marjan & Han]
Country: Worldwide
Year: 2005/2006
Genre: Fiction
Book: A.W. Bruna Uitgevers ISBN: 90-229-9139-3
Book: G.P. Putman's Sons ISBN: 0-399-15272-5 (Broken Prey hardcover)
Book: Berkley Books ISBN: 0-425-20430-8 (Broken Prey paperback)
Audio-Book: 5-CD set Penguin Audio ISBN 0-1430-5759-6


Tom Schied - The Mustard Jar

Page 142:
... The ads in the local rock mag (Called "The Rock Mag")
trumpet their "edgy, progressive approach" to the stage.
The next ... band I hear playing "I'll melt with you" and
"Radar Love" will make me want to vomit all over my
checkered sneakers ...

Country: US
Year: 2006
Genre: Non-Fiction
Book: Author House ISBN: 1-4259-3198-7


John Matras & Matt Stone - 365 Cars you must drive

Chapter Porsche Carrera GT (2004-2006), page 278:
... 1.200 were built each 605 horsepower a 205-mile-per-hour
top speed, and a $ 440.000 price tag ... Music with this
Porsche "Radar Love" by Golden Earring ...

Country: US
Year: 2006
Genre: Hobby & Sport
Book: ISBN: 0-7603-2414-X


D.J. Blue & S.K. Black - The Velvet Machine

Page 103:
"Radar Love" come on the radio one of the greatest driving
songs of all time. 'There was a voice in my head that drove my heel. But no baby calling and no shifting gears were on the agenda. I exited US81 and headed south. Last Iowa lardass to pass, here I go, and then the line of cars goes down real slow ...

Country: US
Year: 2006
Genre: Essays
Book: iUniverse ISBN: 978-0-595-39369-5


Charles Walton - Almost always Fatal

Page 166:
Rick cracked up the volume on the eight-track and the rolling
drum beat of Radar Love filled the Night. He looked over at me
and grinned, and that's when I remembered ...

Country: US
Year: 2007
Genre: Autobiography
Book: Lulu ISBN: 978-0-6151-5361-2